Englisch-Französischer Abend – Melissa Le Nevé

We are proud that Melissa Le Nevé joins us at the Kletterfestival and that she will be the female opener of the speakers series. Melissa is 29 years old and comes from France.
In her talk she will retrace her climbing history and show how she came from competition climbing to rock climbing in the seek for versatility.

Melissa: „I want to take the opportunity to inspire the people to pursue their passion, to be proud of it. And especially inspire other women. Fear, barriers and obstacles are everywhere and it’s our approach to cross them, that makes the difference.


Englisch-Französischer Abend 
mit Melissa Le Nevé

WANN Do. 20.06.19, 22:00-23:00Uhr
WO im Naturbad

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